Calder Conundrum

Announcing the Calder Conundrum, a touring event to be run on April 3 2016.

Event Directors are Bob Watson and Kaye Kilsby, and the event will be run to the North and West of Melbourne.

The start will be at the BP complex just west of Calder Park Raceway on the Calder Highway at 10.00. The course will contain navigational challenges. No, not straightforward navigation at all!

Maps will be supplied by the organisers, but you may bring any other document, atlas or device that you think may help you. It won’t.

The checker will be Dave Smith, so any form of protest will be treated with well deserved derision.

The finish will be at around 1.30pm, in time for a pleasant lunch to discuss what the hell happened.

There are NO supplementary regulations!

The entry form can be found below. The address for entries is on the form!

CC Entry form.doc139 KB