Announcement: 2016 Club Championship

After considerable consultation the HRA Committee have decided to NOT include the George Woods Introductory Trial in the HRA Rally Championship.

As the George Woods is an introductory event, it does not allow all grades of competitor to enter, which will disadvantage some of our championship contenders.

The HRA Committee has decided on the following events to be included for the 2016 Historic Rally Championship.

There are 6 events of which the best 5 results will decide the champions.

Rd 1 - 18 Mar - Eildon Stages (VCRS only)
Rd 2 - 16 Apr - Gil Davis
Rd 3 - 7 May - Daryl Tunbridge
Rd 4 - 18 Jun - Nissan Nightmares
Rd 5 - 6 Aug - Ironbark Mystery Tour
Rd 6 - 17 Sep - Spring 200
Rd 7 - 22 Oct - Blue Rock Stages

An announcement about the Touring Championship will be made at a later date.

NB: The Eildon Stages require the fitting of a Rallysafe wiring kit. If you do not have a Rallysafe wiring kit, please contact David Officer – 0409521319 or

Any questions should be directed to Joel Wald -