Gil Davis Memorial Rally

From the supp regs...

"Gil Davis was a person who made an impact – not in a forceful way - but by imparting his knowledge and vast experience in gentle, well thought out words and humour to all who were associated with him. As he bent his head towards you and took your eye, and explained with intensity his thoughts on one rally
matter or another, you thought: this bloke really knows it, and really cares. When Gil spoke, people listened."

This event, in memory of Gil, is the HRA's round of this year's VCRS championship as well as being a round of the HRA club championship.

Documents can be found below or to the side!

Entry Form GDM 2016.doc136 KB
Entry Form GDM 2016.pdf89.37 KB
Supp Regs GDM 2016 Ver 3.pdf1.14 MB
43 Entry List GDM 2016.pdf202.01 KB
GDM 2016 futhers v3.pdf271.09 KB
44 Spec and Service Instructions GDM 2016 Ver 2.pdf1.99 MB
Gil Davis 2016 Provisional Results.pdf425.25 KB