Resto Country Standard Car Series - Bulletin No 2

Hi all

Our first Resto Country Standard Car Series Rally has come and gone.
The George Woods Rally...Directed by our own Nick Wright with Ray Garrad as Road Director.
Results are Provisional now and I am hoping they stay as is...if not will re-issue the score sheet which is attached.
We started 9 SCS cars...would have been 11 if Russ Day and I did not have last minute car issues..!

Top of Class B was Laurie Pelech and Jarryd Sweeney (8th Outright )
2nd Owen Polanski and Andrew Roberts (11th Outright )....nice to have you back Owen
3rd Peter Parry and Brian Knights (13th Outright )

Top of Class C was Alan Upton and Mitch Garrad 5th Outright...Alan was driving Ray Garrads Peugeot and is looking for a
car to do the rest of the series....Welcome Alan.
2nd Andrew Crimson and Leigh Garrioch...first time with us...welcome Andrew

Our next Rally Event is the Barry Ferguson Classic set for Saturday April 30th
We are scoring our series on the first day of the event only
Here are the Supp Regs.
and Entry Form

Our Rally series for 2016 has caused some grief with events bunched together in May however we can only work with what events
we have available...we have asked the Rally Panel to try and spread Novice events more evenly over the year in 2017.
It would appear that the Moonlight Meander may now run in November which helps the May bottleneck.

Our Rally Callendar now reads

George Woods 5/3
Barry Ferguson Classic 30/4
Tunbridge Rally 7/5 (This is a VCRS but has a Novice section)
The Rennick Trial 14/5
Magical Ironbark Tour 6/8 ( Replace the Ivans Folly )
Moonlight Meander ?/11

Series will be scored on 4 best rounds out of the 6.
If you have any queries or comments please contact me.

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Rob Cranston