The Magical Ironbark Tour

It is “Back to the Future” for this 2016 Event so the early founders of the HRA tell me.
An old fashioned TRE…some Closed Road go fast sections along with day and night time Touring.
The Touring sections have been surveyed in a family road car so we expect that HRA members will be able to join in the event in road cars but Closed Road Sections will require helmets for Driver / Navigators.
The night time Touring will take place after dinner refreshments at the Rally Headquarters which will be at the Heathcote Showgrounds.

Event Summary
Saturday 6th August
Leave Heathcote Showgrounds early afternoon
Closed Road Stage
Touring event
Return to Heathcote Showgrounds for light refreshments
Leave Heathcote Showgrounds evening
Closed Road Stage
Touring event

Because we are conducting a Tour in the Heathcote Forest and its surrounds we will be able to enter the Heathcote National Park which was the venue for many navigational events of the past.
The beauty of the Tour concept for both the Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening is that we do not have to close off the forest which is now the requirement for timed A to A events thus saving the need to use a lot of Officials.
This idea for this event and possibly events in the future will work if competing crews stick to touring speeds while obeying traffic regulations and do not treat the traversing of the roads as the usual race against the clock.
The experienced navigators will tell you that if you go too quickly in the Heathcote Forest you will miss many turns and information.

If there are any questions re the event, please contact
Rob Cranston