A message from the President - HRA magazine

It will not have escaped your attention that there has only been one magazine so far this year. Our Editor Alan Baker has had a number of issues during the course of the year which have led to the delays in publication.

In the earlier part of the year the problems were largely computer related, both software & hardware. Alan had been forced for some time to do many time consuming workarounds to get the magazine out. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say that the committee agreed to the purchase of a new computer to enable speedier production of the magazine.

Since the purchase of the new computer however Alan has been subject to increasing demands on his time from both employment & personal fronts.

You may recall that Alan did indicate late last year that he would like for someone else to consider taking on the production of the magazine, with Alan himself stepping back to a mentoring role. Thus far we have not had any success in finding such a person.

Alan has indicated to the committee that the next issue of the magazine is close to publication.

If anyone would like to discuss further or has any suggestions or perhaps even (shock/horror) would like to take on the role of editor, please contact any committee member.