Message from Ross Runnalls Clerk of Course, Eureka Rally

Having a round of the ARC back in Victoria is a significant undertaking that cannot occur without involvement from across the Victorian rally community

I was hoping that HRA might take on management of a stage on the Sunday in terms of teams to look after stage finish plus the officials at the start time control and stop point, and any other club members that would like to be involved on an SOS/radio point or road closure.

This is not a commitment to resource the whole stage, but the opportunity for teams that are used to working together to man stage start and finish.

We will fill in any gaps.

Tom Kaitler and Steve Hollowood have volunteered to look after the Stage Commander and Assistant Stage Commander roles.

Members who wish to be involved are asked to register their interest online at Vic Rally Registration Page

They should then indicate under additional Information that they wish to be on the HRA stage.

Hope this appeals.