Rules and Regulations

Here is an extact of the Bulletin re Standard Car Challenge Log Cards Could you please publish this on the Website in the section you are going to create as we discussed "Standard Car Challenge Rules and Regulations" Classes for the Standard Car Challenge are:

Class A Vehicles built before July 1976 (intro of ADR 27a )... determined by build plate attached to vehicle
Class B Vehicles built in or after July 1976 and before July 1988 (intro of the Third edition of ADRs ) determined build plate attached to vehicle
Class C Vehicles built in or after July 1988 to end 2000… determined by build plate attached to vehicle

Vehicle Modification rules

Modification Penalty
Exhaust Extractors -15
Non Standard Gearbox -20
Non Standard Brakes -20
Hydraulic Handbrake -15
Additional and /or change of Carburettors -25
Locked or Limited Slip Diff -25
Non Standard Wheel Size -15
Non Standard Engine size -30
Suspension Geometry must remain standard within manufacturer tolerances. Exclusion from Class
All Suspension Pick Up Points must remain Standard Exclusion from Class

The above points will be deducted from any points awarded on each event. If a modification is NOT noted above then that modification is not allowed. If a vevicle has more than three modifications as per the above chart then the vehicle is not for this class and perhaps should be in PRC. A clarification on the original rules. Front seats can be changed... we should never dis-allow the fitting of a safer component.
Exhaust systems from manifold to rear are free. ...most standard exhaust sytems are inadequate for rally conditions. Vehicle spec rules Engine basic components ie Engine block, Crankshaft, Cylinder head, Camshaft, Carburettor and Exhaust manifold to remain unmodified and as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer and as per the vehicle ID plate. Same applies to Gearbox and Differential. Turbo and 4 WD vehicles not permitted. Suspension: change of shock absorbers (original type only ) and springs allowed. Sump guards allowed. Tyres: Road tyres only for the Rallysprint and Autocross,
Rally tyres for the TRE Wheels: original manufacturer size only. Brakes: change of pad and lining material only allowed Interior: Rollcage can be fitted. Items such as rear seats, carpet etc can be removed. Seat belt can be original (lap sash ) or a full harness option. Log Cards This was the first event where we used the Standard Car Challenge Vehicle Log Card which all Rally Competitors must have. Your Log Card must be kept with your competing vehicle and produced when your vehicle is scrutineered for a Rally event. It is not required for Autocross. It is the competitors responsibility to retain and look after the Log Card. If you change vehicles a new Log Card with be required...please inform me and I will post one out. The Scrutiny panel have expressed some concern that they are unable to identify a Scrutineer who has inspected a vehicle on some forms where a Regional Scrutiny has taken place. They have asked us to publish the following. “Note: Scrutiny of these vehicles will be carried out by a scrutineer who’s name appears on the current CAMS Scrutineers list published on the VICRally CAMS website Scrutiny of the vehicle shall be as per the scrutiny sheet for Road events. All check boxes must be marked X indicating that the item for inspection has been inspected and complies with current regulations or requirements. Any item that does not meet current requirements must be corrected before the scrutineer can endorse the vehicle as having NAFF. The satisfactory presentation of the vehicle and with the endorsement of NAFF, shall be signed and dated by the inspecting scrutineer. The Scrutineers Cams licence number should also appear on the completed form. A readable signature shall also appear on the Scrutiny Form. The HRA will administer the processes involved in the issuing of the card.”