1971 BP Rally Tour

Entries are now open for the 1971 BP Rally Tour to be held on the 24th and 25th of February.

This event is not competitive, it is a tour around the route of the 7th Division of the 1971 BP Rally, route charted but with maps supplied showing the original route, which will be following almost exactly and explanations of the challenge presented in each section (nowadays called a stage).

There will be no manned controls except at the start and finish of the days but there will be zero and sweep cars. This is a great drive through the Little Desert, Grampians and Goldfields areas and passes through many State Forests and Parks.

The event starts in Horsham, overnight is in Stawell and the finish will be in Castlemaine. There will be a special dinner in Stawell where we hope to get people to speak who were competitors or organisers from the original event.

Information document, (no supp regs, as we are running this as a social event), with entry form below.

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