Federal Election interrupts Alpine Rally

The Federal Election has been scheduled for day 1 of the Alpine Rally - inconsiderate really, given the Alpine was on the calendar for the past 12 months!

For people attending the Alpine here are a few options for voting:

Cast an Absent Vote
If you are on the electoral roll in Victoria you can cast an absent vote at any polling place on the day. This is the "do nothing" option - but you'll need to remember and be able to get to a polling place somewhere in the area between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm on the day.

Cast an Interstate Vote
If you are from outside Victoria you can vote on the day at an "Interstate voting centre".  Not clear yet if there is an interstate voting centre in Gippsland - watch the AEC website if you intend to do this. 

Cast an Early Vote
Either in person or by post.  You do the in-person thing at a pre-poll voting centre in your electorate after 5 November. You can get forms to apply for a postal vote on the AEC website.  

Don't Vote
Not recommended - it will cost you. 

More information 
The Australian Electoral Commission site has lots of information about what to do, and the forms you need, so you can fit the election into your Alpine plans.