Vale Hugh Nellis

Hugh Nellis, former President and long time office bearer in the Historic Rally Association, was fatally injured in a recent road accident near Wangaratta. He lived at Beechworth.

Nellis was present at the meetings in the early 1990s that resulted in the formation of the Historic Rally Association. He then held the position of club secretary for many years. He was a regular competitor in club events in a Hillman Imp, and organised a number of very successful navigation courses for the club, recognising the importance of this aspect of Historic rallying.

Past HRA president Ian Swan, on hearing of the death of Hugh Nellis, stated that he could not have fulfilled the job of President without Hugh’s help and background support. Hugh was elected President of the HRA in 1999, but resigned over differences on club policy issues and took no further part in club activities.

Nellis was a member of the now defunct Light Car Club of Australia and formed an association with Sandown Clerk of Course Ken Nancarrow to form Racegear, a motor sport clothing and accessory shop operating in Ralston St South Yarra. The pair formed Motor Racing Insurance Services, an insurance broking company, which Nellis eventually took over and renamed Nelanc. The business was still operating at the time of his death.

Hugh Nellis was a forthright individual who could be argumentative in expressing his views.  However, he had many friends from all areas of motor sport. He was totally devoted to the success of the HRA, and worked hard behind the scenes for many years before achieving the Presidency.

Although not involved in the club in recent years, Hugh Nellis will be remembered for his hard work and his determination to make the HRA a successful club. With his help, the club is what it is today.

Bob Watson