Record field of Datsun 180Bs in the Alpine Rally

There were no fewer than nine Datsun 180Bs competing in the Alpine Rally, possibly the largest contingent of Datsun 180B's still rallying at this level any where in the world! 

Here is all the crews except one, at the start of the event:

Results were great with only one of the 180Bs failing to finish:

Car 17 Jack Monkhouse / Dale Moscatt Datsun 180B SSS 5th outright.
Car 28 Glenn Cugley / Stella Plenderleith Datsun 180B 16th outright
Car 20 Fro Horobin / Paul Marando Datsun 180B 20th outright
Car 46 Brendan Brown / Simon Brown Datsun 180B SSS 34th outright
Car 72 Lucas Thorpe / Karen Brookes Datsun 180B 46th outright
Car 85 Michael Long/Vaughan Haskett Datsun 180B SSS 47th outright
Car 78 Tim Reynolds / Simon Reynolds Datsun 180B 51st outright
Car 101 Peter Otzen / Paul Franklin Datsun 180B 58th outright
Car 23 Nev Whittenbury / Dave Rudham Datsun 180B DNF (on second last stage whilst doing well!)

There were a few 180B's in the recent East African Safari and two even finished in the top 10! But not the 9 entrants and 8 finishers we had in the Alpine. 

And, if you want to see how fast a 180B can go at the hands of Jack Monkhouse check out his in car Alpine video from YouTube - and you'll see why he is regarded as one of the young guns of Australian Rallying.  Lots of great Alpine videos on YouTube, including many more from Jack.

Thanks to John Doutch for this picture and Tim Reynolds for organising the photo and highlighting the longevity and success of the mighty 180Bs at the Alpine to our attention.