2007 Raffle Extravaganza and Door Prize Give Away

Our December meeting saw the culmination of six raffle draws for 2008 with each meeting providing two names for the end of year major draw.

The prize pool just keeps getting better and better each year and a big thank you goes out to those members who donated prizes for the monthly meetings. Those members who made donations for the end year draw deserve a special mention.  Thanks to:

  • Tom and Carol Latta … Vintage Wine selection
  • Creative Garden Images… Garden Fountain
  • Rob Dyer… Bay Flight.
  • The HRA committee who released the funds for the Mclein Rally Calendar and our major prize… The Spirit of Tasmania return cruise.

Congratulations to the winners for 2007!  They were:

  • Steve White
  • Tony Huggins
  • Roger Baker

The HRA’s purse strings were released for the second year in a row at the December meeting with a major Door Prize give away.

I’m not sure exactly how many we gave out but I do know there were 18 hampers and at least 10 other prizes of gift certificates and gift baskets… A big thank you to the Hot barrel girl Kate Officer who put together some of the baskets and did a great job on the night handing them out to the happy recipients.

See you all again for 2008

Rob Cranston