Bulletin 4: Old BP Rally looming fast!

The First of May is not far away. Supp regs are now available. Time to stop thinking and talking about it, and get that car and crew organised. You may not currently have an eligible car, so go and find one, and get the basic preparations in place. Time is running out. You will regret it if you miss out on this one.  Not just the experience, but the exceptional value. When did you last pay as low as 26 cents per competitive km that 1500 competitive km for $395 entry fee represents?

Supp regs have information on available accommodation at Swan Hill during the event and at the Ballarat finish, including motels that will allow late check out in time for the post event function at Dowling Forest Racecourse. While tickets for driver and navigator are included in the entry fee, additional tickets are available at $35 per head for a high standard meal and entertainment planned to celebrate 50 years of BP Rallies. John Emery and Peter Fulton are working on the program, and are keen to get hold of any BP memorabilia not sighted before, as well as trying to round up as many past competitors as possible to come along.

A commemorative 2008 BP shirt is being designed, and like the Alpine orders will be taken and delivered at scrutineering. Watch the HRA website for developments, examples and order details.

We have had no takers for the exclusive film rights yet. If you know of someone who is likely to follow the event with a video camera, put them in touch with me, and we will offer them a schedule of prime locations.

The number of officials required is not great, but they do have to be competent and committed. Anyone interested, please phone 57626410 and Chris will take details on your availability from Thursday night in Gippsland through to early Sunday in the west of the state.

I keep saying that the event will not be navigationally difficult, and the response, is that: “All directors say that, and they all lie!”  I can only stand on my record, that I will take you to some weird foreign places, but you will have no realignments or other dirty tricks, just find the road on the map. I want navigators to enjoy themselves.

As part of whetting the appetite and providing proof of record, attached is a story of the 1994 Snowy River Trial, which also contained some similar elements to the 2008 BP. The story of the 1987 High Country Trial in the last edition leads me to having to make an apology to Ro Nixon and Steve Ashton, who I omitted from a small and elite list of those who had competed in my three long distance events up to that point. A closer examination of the records, showed that they were indeed a late entry for the notoriously wet 1981 George Derrick Memorial Trial ran in the Wimmera and Mallee. We hope to have a story of that one next time.


Snowy River Trial 199466.63 KB