Latest Rich River photos

Some new photos have been uploaded to the Rich River gallery and some existing ones have had captions added.

After the final course check a week ago, everything is set to go for a great event. Those involved with the BP a few months ago will come across familiar territory (although this time in darkness) while those looking to compete in the Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial will get a foretaste of some wide-open, sandy and red earthen roads.

The event kicks off from the Bridge Hotel in the Historic Port area of Echcua at 2:30pm on Saturday 12 July. At 345km total (with just 75km transport), this will be an event with a dash of adventure, a fair bit of endurance and whole lot of good times. Make sure you're at the finish back at the Bridge Hotel for the post event social to hear all the stories!

Entries close this Wednesday (not Friday), so there's just two days to go - don't miss out.

Steuart Snooks