VRC round 4 - "Murrindindi Magic" 18/10/08.

 Because of the unfortunate loss of three of the VRC rounds this year (Bega and ROM) and the resultant calendar availability of Saturday the 18th of October, discussions arose and a proposal was put forward to the Victorian Rally Panel, that another group organise and promote an event and use much of the preliminary work already conducted by the experienced ROM organizing team.

Stuart Lister representing the HRA has taken up the challenge and decided to promote such an event to be called the “Murrindindi Magic”. The event will run during daylight hours on the Saturday only and include a total of 10 stages (5 stages run twice). To start at approx 9am the event will use many of the roads previously used for the ROM and there will be minimal transport stages.

Assisting Stuart will be several experienced and senior rally personnel from within rallying who will join forces to present an interesting and top class event. At this stage most organizing positions are vacant so please consider volunteering your services. Typically any event of this nature will require a large number of officials to assist with start and finish controls as well as road closures. All rally clubs are asked to assist with providing officials or to “Stage a section” of the event.

It is envisaged that the “Classic Cars” will be invited to participate and support the VRC entrants in the event.

To offer your support please contact the HRA or Tim Reynolds on 0411 247 622 or email at: reynolds.t@optusnet.com.au