2008 Noojee Knightrider

Water Save Plumbing Knightrider TRE 2008

The idea of this TRE is for drivers and navigators to enjoy the roads and compete safely. Some roads can be very fast so average times for those stages will be lowered but will still be rather quick and the competitors will be reminded ‘the roads are NOT closed therefore the Road laws are in place’.

The event will run in 2 divisions namely:

  1. Touring Division approx 80 to 100 kilometres or 2 hours approx) using navigation skills and maps supplied. Start at the new BP Longwarry and finish at Neerim Hall. Last car due back at 5.30pm approximately.
  2. Night sections of 130 kilometres Competitive approx using route charts & navigation skills for plotting. Start of car 1 to be at 9.00pm sharp at first competitive section. This will be broken into 2 parts with a 20 minute service and refuel with provision for a remote refuel. The first group of competitive sections and transport is about 100 kilometres long before a refuel is available. Start/Finish at Neerim Hall.
The Route

These roads have not been used by the HRA yet HRA competitors have competed in other Car Clubs events using some of these roads. Below are some pictures of the roads you will be competing on.

Entry fee for the Knightrider will be $150.00 and Supp Regs with entry form will be available soon from the HRA website

Maps will be provided by us except for night division and GPS units or similar are not permitted in competing vehicles. For emergency purposes only mobile phones may be carried BUT you will find very little coverage in the night sections.


A meal will be provided between 6pm and 8pm and it will not be the usual fare of burgers and snags … something we have thought about for some time. We are looking at providing a spit roast dinner at a nominal cost of $20 a head for competitors.

Any queries please contact Jim Webster (Clerk of Course) on 0401 329 950 or by email jweb54@hotmail.com or Mel Stoodley (Event Secretary) on 0450 187 895 or email noojeesecretary@hotmail.com

See files below for pictures of some of the roads to be used and the organisers getting lost!

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Noojee Knightrider Supplementary Regulations132.84 KB
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