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General Meeting - April 9 2008

A reminder that the next general meeting of the HRA is scheduled for April 9 (next Wednesday) at the East Malvern RSL. Some new initiatives will be introduced particularly in the area of making new members to the club feel welcome to our meetings.

First News on 2008 Rich River Trial

Surveying has commenced for the 2008 Rich River Trial, scheduled for Saturday 12th July.

Bulletin 4: Old BP Rally looming fast!

The First of May is not far away. Supp regs are now available. Time to stop thinking and talking about it, and get that car and crew organised. You may not currently have an eligible car, so go and find one, and get the basic preparations in place. Time is running out. You will regret it if you miss out on this one.

2008 Melways Meander

Round 1 of the HRA Touring Championship - Sunday 13th April 2008

"Run and Won - See attachment for Results"

Ladies team up to win!  Officer and Cole take first place.

The first round of this year's Touring Championship will be a short event with relatively easy navigation - a great way to start the Touring year. 

bp supp regs now available...

Supp Regs for the bp ultimate rally are now available from the old bp page.. 

2007 Raffle Extravaganza and Door Prize Give Away

Our December meeting saw the culmination of six raffle draws for 2008 with each meeting providing two names for the end of year major draw.

Graham & Kathleen Millard Memorial Trial, 22-23 Feb

The Graham & Kathleen Millard Memorial Trial is on again over 22 – 23 February 2008. This is the second running of this event following the tragic passing of Graham and Kath and forms an integral part of Heywood’s Wood, Wine & Roses Festival.

2008 Old BP Rally to be sponsored by BP!

…and other pre event planning progress.  An update from Ross Runnalls

It may sound surprising, but it has been difficult to raise interest from BP in Old BP rallies in the recent past. I received a prompt and enthusiastic response from BP to a modest sponsorship proposal. It is great that a global company like BP has found some sentimental space for us in its considerable motorsport program.

Old BP Rally

2008 Old BP Rally, now the bp ultimate rally...

bp logo

Celebrating 50 years of BP rallies

Vale Hugh Nellis

Hugh Nellis, former President and long time office bearer in the Historic Rally Association, was fatally injured in a recent road accident near Wangaratta. He lived at Beechworth.

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