2015 Events

HRA Rally Championship  
HRA Touring Championship
George Woods
Blue Ribbon
Goldfields Intro
Moonlight Meander
Ivans Folly
Bagshot Rallysprint

Down The Drains
Drive For Life

2015 Event News...

The Shortest Day Returns!

The Shortest Day returns on the 21st. June 2015 as the Byron Bay Shortest Day Cookie Classic.

Winter is generally a pretty depressing time, usually cold, wet & windy, so for your pleasure and enjoyment we would like to drag you out away from your warm and cosy nooks and give you an adventure, something that to our knowledge hasn’t been attempted before.

Blue Ribbon Furthers and Entry List

The further regulations and entry list are available below.

Greta to see there are 24 entries for this event.

Blue Ribbon Online Entry Form

The directing team is trialling a new system of entries. You can enter the event by going to:

Online Entry Form

Blue Ribbon Supp Regs

The Supp Regs for the Blue Ribbon have been released and are available here:

Standard Car Series - Date Changes

Hi all.
We have been notified of 2015 Rally Calendar changes by the Rally Panel
Here is the updated 2015 Kingswood Country Standard Car Series Calendar.
Changes are Goldfields, Tunbridge and Ivans Folly
Rallies - 7 events listed...Series trophies to be scored from 6 events
Details on events can be found on the Vic Rally Calendar...download from www.vicrally.com.au

Kingwood Country Spares Standard Car Series - Rally section!

Hi all.

Well...we are under way in the Kingswood Country Spares Standard Car
Series Rally section.
Thanks to the organisers, Glad and Nick, of the George Woods Rally and
all their helpers.
Roads looked good and according to most it was an enjoyable night.
We started 9 cars which was pretty good considering we had 4 of our
usual players absent.

State Bank Update

HURRY, HURRY, there are only 6 places left on the State Bank Discovery Trial Rerun. We expect these places to be filled in the next week. If anyone is thinking about entering, IT'S TIME to send your paid entry. Sorry, no places can be "held" without full payment.

Down the Drains touring assembly - Sunday 12 April

2014 Down The Drains Supplementary Regulations are now available. The Event will be run on public roads in the famous “Drains Country”. This is the area around the Princes Highway between Nar Nar Goon and Drouin. Entry fee is $65 per car.

George Woods Novice Rally

The George Woods Novice Rally...

- is designed as an introduction to rallying for competitors with little or no experience
- uses the best roads in the Powelltown Noojee area, suitable for a sensibly driven road car
- costs only $140 to enter ($60 for first time rally drivers), good value for around 100 Km of competitive sections

State Bank Trial Rerun

An epic 1986 event, to be re told over a week in August 2015

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