Provisional Results Club Championship 2016

Here are the provisional results for the 2016 Club Championship.

Any changes/queries to placings/scores please contact scorer asap at

2017 HRA Committee

Office Bearers:  
President Joel Wald

Changes to CPS

As many will be aware, Vicroads has advised clubs of proposed changes to the Club Permit Scheme.
The HRA (and all CPS clubs) recently received a letter advising of the proposed Changes and gave clubs the opportunity to respond.

Club Permit Scheme - Fee Structure:

(payable to the inspector - NOT to the HRA):

1. New Application/Renewal, If vehicle presented at HRAs inspector/signatories premises:
$55.00 (incl GST)


Club Permit Scheme - HRAs inspector/signatories

Click on inspectors name to send an email

Club Permit Scheme - Bringing your vehicle to the HRA from another club

If you had your vehicle on the Club Permit Scheme with another club and you wish to bring it to the HRA;

Club Permit Scheme - Country Applicants or renewals

The procedures are the same as for city residents. You must either obtain a RWC from a local Licenced Vehicle Tester or arrange with one of the HRAs inspector/signatories to inpect your vehicle either by bringing it to Melbourne or arranging for a visit to you.

Club Permit Scheme - Change of Engine Number

1. Contact one of the HRAs inspector/signatories to arrange an inspection of your new engine number so that our records can be updated.

2. Advise Vicroads of the change of engine.

Club Permit Scheme Permit - Renewal

1. Receive your Club Permit Renewal Form and new Logbook from Vicroads.

2. You must be a financial member of the HRA.

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Office Bearers:  
President Rick Hartmann