2011 Events

HRA Rally Championship  
HRA Touring Championship
Millard Memorial Trial
Ken Roddam Memorial Trial
Kelly Country Trial
Rich River Revisited
Mafeking Mahem
Bagshot Rallysprint
Down The Drain
Rich River Revisited
Mafeking Mahem

2011 Event News...

Mafeking Mayhem - 10 Sep 2011

Mafeking Track layout plan - for larger version click HERE

2011 Alpine Vehicle Eligibility

As stated in the July HRA Magazine, we forwarded our application to ARCom to vary the vehicle eligibility regulations to include those complying with Schedule R for this year’s Alpine.

Mafeking Mayhem - 10 Sep 2011

Hi all. Our newest event director makes his debut next month with the Mafeking Mayhem...Saturday September 10th to be exact. This event follows our recent trend of providing competition in several forms designed to hopefully satisfy those who like to fling their cars about on rallysprint courses as well as those who like the challenge of map reading.


Preparations are well under way for the Mafeking Mayhem. The Rallysprint course is in good condition with almost all tracks available. This means more competitive distance for everyone!

Mafeking Mayhem - Supp Regs

Supplementary Regulations for Mafeking Mayhem are now available - click HERE

To go to the 'Mafeking Mayhem' page -click HERE

Rich River Revisited 2011 - Provisional Results

Thanks you all for entering what turned out to be a successful and enjoyable event. After the original events fell over due over due to the flooding of Perricoota and areas further north, the idea running a TRE in the style the HRA used to run was formed.

Mafeking Mayhem 10 Sep 2011


Mafeking Rover Park. This site has great parking for service crews, trailers etc. There are also full facilities on site.

Rich River Revisited 2011 - Further Regs

Rich River Revisited 2011 Further Regs are available here

Down The Drain Touring Assembly - Provisional Results

Provisional Results for the “Down The Drain” Touring Assembly are now available - click HERE

Haunted Hills Hillclimb - Saturday 3rd September 2011

Supplementary Regulations for the Haunted Hills Hillclimbs are now available for download from the right sidebar of the event's page - click HERE

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