The BP Rallies…

Ken Harper on the start line, 1965 BP Rally

The BP Rallies were conducted by the Light Car Club of Australia. The original annual BP Rallies roamed the Victorian, New South Wales and South Australia countryside for four days in May, providing a test of navigation and endurance in reasonably standard sedan cars of the time, including early Volkswagens, Vauxhall Vanguards, Ford Anglias, Datsun Bluebirds and Peugeot 404’s.

These pics have been provided by HRA members from private collections.  Plus, there are three “newsreel” reports about BP Rallies at the bottom, direct from the mid 60s.  

BP Rally Results

1969 BP Rally (all pdf files)
1970 BP Rally
1971 BP Rally
1972 BP Rally

1965 BP Rally – British Pathé newsreel

1966 BP Rally – British Pathé newsreel

1967 BP Rally – British Pathé newsreel

1972 & 73 BP Rallies
(Video footage from Darryl Reid Video)

Australian Ford Falcon Commercial – BP Rally
Ford advert after the 1963 BP Rally