HRA George Woods Rally 2019 Meeting July 30

An invitation to all HRA members to contribute to the 2019 George Woods Rally.

Due to so many changes in the CAMS National Rally Code in 2018, it is necessary to reconsider the format for the 2019 HRA George Woods Rally.

The 2018 GWR Directing Team are forming the basis for the 2019 team. As Clerk of Course for this event, I am asking for input from competitors, officials and other interested HRA members. You are all invited to a pre-event meeting at CAMS rooms on Monday 30th July at 7.30 pm. If you are unable to attend please email your constructive suggestions to Glad Fish,

HRA need to decide whether the event will be an Introductory Rally (Special Stage) or Road Rally.

Nick has studied the 2018 CAMS National Rally Code and put together a Discussion Paper and a list of relevant points for above mentioned types of events.

If you have any questions ring Glad 0410148058. New members on the directing team are most welcome.