An update on The Shortest Day Tour of the Dandenongs

The course check for the Tour of the Dandenongs was completed last week with Checker Mike Novak being chauffeured by Tom Latta with Simon Brown observing from the back seat. Peter Fraser still on convalescence leave recovering from a recent ankle opp – an old football injury he says.

The route has now been massaged, instructions manipulated and maps polished.

The final route now consists of

Sect 1: Ringwood to Lilydale, The Novice Tour at 38 kms

Sect 2: Lilydale to Seville, Into The Hills at 55 kms

Sect 3: Seville to Belgrave, The Tour of the Views at 37 kms

Sect 4: Belgrave to Ringwood, An afternoon tour along the Railways at 30 kms

then the Experts Lap: Ringwood to Ringwood at 18 kms

So the Tour is 160 kms plus the Optional Experts lap make 178 kms.

Sect 1, 4 and the Experts Lap are 100% bitumen, while Sect 2 and 3 are approx 85% Bitumen.

There are places in Sections 2, 4 and the Experts Lap where most crews will miss things but we are sure that you will not get lost! Just confused here are there ….

Also there are Instructions on how to shortcut Sections 2 & 4 if you do lose time so you can finish within your time limit.

We will be preparing a Guide to Participants with the information the crew discussed during the Course Check and some equipment you need to bring with you to make your day easier. The will be available this weekend.

So the Shortest Day crew have done all the hard work, all we need is you !

Sunday July 1st, Ringwood to Ringwood for a Tour of the Dandenongs.

Entries don’t close until 8.30 am at the Start but if possible we would like to know if you are coming by Wednesday June 27th so we can prepare enough pretty – colourful – maps and to help Frase with the catering …

The Information to Participants and entry form is now available and all you need to do to reserve your spot is to let Carol Latta know that you are intending to enter.

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