Grand Autocross Tour update…

Entries so far…

I hope to see a few more entries this week now that yesterday’s VRC/VCRS round is over. Course check went well and we have a new attraction to fit into the Saturday Schedule.

As at 17 September

Keith Winter Brian Knights Skyline
Michael Osborne Jennifer Martin Osborne Peugeot 205
Ray Potts Allan Ryan Citroen DS
Steve Marron Ben Marron Galant
Andrew Hitch Ken Polley Galant
Owen Polanski Andrew Roberts Skyline
Laurie Pelech Russel Day Sigma
Amy Jane Cranston Russel Opie Celica
David Hodge Ben Courtney Peugeot 505 V6
Tony Aherne Daniel Leithhead Peugeot 505
Peter SweeneyMaureen Sweeney Commodore
Callum OCallaghan Sean O’Callaghan Peugeot 205
Joel Wald Chris Ellis Stanza
Bill Hamilton Matt Devaus Peugeot 504 V6 Coupe
Alan Upton Mark Laidlay Peugeot 306 S16
John Rawson Jenny Pollack Stanza
Greg Park Brian Ward Peugeot 504 Ti
David McKenzie Jennie McKenzie Galant

On driving though Metcalfe we noticed a few old cars and a Holden Museum sign. It turns out that it houses the cars and memorablia collected by Kyneton Holden and Honda dealers Mollison Motors over the years. The Museum is run by Jason Lee, son of one of the Lee brothers who ran Mollisons. Apart from some very interesting old Holdens there is a lot of photos from the rally and race days when Mollisons sponsored Gil Davis, Matt Philip and Roger Bomhomme. Matt’s works Honda Civic track car is on display. Also some bits and pieces from the rally cars. We intend to include the museum on the drive between Kyneton and Bagshot. Jason said he would get his father to attend also. If anyone would like to attend but won’t be entering the rally, please get in touch and we can organise this as well.

The Honda Civic’s fourth and final Bathurst 1000 appearance was in 1976 when the diminutive Japanese cars finished second and third in Class A. This is the third-placed Civic RS shared by rally ace Roger Bonhomme and multiple AGP winner Doug Whiteford, with the Bridgestone racing slicks generating enough grip through Hell Corner to lift the inside rear wheel clear off the deck. This was a familiar pose for racing Civics being driven at their limit.

Photos from the course check…