Resto Country Spares 2019 Standard Car Challenge Bulletin No 1

Hi all.

Our 2019 Resto Country Spares Standard Car Challenge is upon us.

First event is the George Woods. For those who have not seen them, the Supp Regs and Entry Form are on the George Woods Rally page.

I have received some questions re the requirement for FHR (Hans Devices) for 2019.

CAMS have told us that Introductory Rallies and Road Rallies are exempted for mandatory FHR. All our 2019 events are either Introductory or Road Rally.

However if you wish to use FHR for extra safety then by all means please do.

The CAMS 2019 Manual is not out yet and It will explain the requirements when it arrives.

I know the following.

  • You need fixed back, one piece CAMS compliant seats.
  • FHR will not work with standard seats.
  • You need date compliant full harness seat belts which must have the crutch strap fitted.
  • You need a compliant Hans Device and a Helmet with Hans posts.
  • When the CAMS manual comes out I will post links.

Please remember all SCC vehicles need a series log Book unless they have a CAMS Logbook, which must be produced at event Scrutineering. If you need one please contact me.

All vehicles require the sponsors vehicle sticker both sides of the vehicle.

Again… please contact me if you need them.

Enjoy the first event!

Amy Jane Cranston