HRA part of the Mexican team to defend Interstate Trophy at the Black Stump Tour

Interstate Challenge Trophy
As you know, there are very few competitive navigational events on the calendar these days.  So, the opportunity to head north for the Black Stump Tour in Central West of NSW is one that should not be missed. The event is put on by the Historic Rally Club of NSW & ACT – see an overview and more info on The Black Stump Tour page.

The HRA will be join the team to defend the Interstate Trophy for the Black Stump Tour.

The battle will be between us Mexicans (Taswegians and Victorians from south of the border) and the Cockroaches from north of the border (NSW & QLD). Last time the trophy was contested was the 2016 Barry Ferguson Classic and we Victorians won handsomely.

The event needs a decent time commitment; with the start in Parkes, it’s probably a 5 day exercise with a day trip each way to the start and finish plus the 3 days of the event. However, this style of event is rare these days. The last BP was nearly 6 years ago and there doesn’t like another one is on the horizon any time soon, so the Black Stump is the closest thing we have at the moment.

We may organise a bit of a convoy up and back and that could be just as enjoyable as the event itself!

If you’re interested in being part of the team or if you have any queries, please contact Steuart Snooks. And watch the website for more info and regs when they’re released.

Hope you can join us!
Steuart Snooks
0413 830 772