Thoughts on a classic…

Competitors comments on a classic Graham Wallis touring event:

We had a ball. Thanks all the HRA team.  – R. Potts. Citroen

Bloody Brilliant  – A. Ahearne. Peugeot

This was my first Graham Wallis event and I will be back for more. Great fun, a challenge and best of all a great spirit from all competitors. – O. Polanski. Nissan Skyline

…a great event. Thank you to Graham and all the volunteers for a fabulous experience. – S. Marron. Mitsubishi Galant

Great event Graham, thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to everyone who was involved and made it happen! – A.Hitch. Mitsubishi Galant.

Loved every minute of the event, and would love the opportunity to do it again in the future. – M. Osborne. Peugeot 205

Just got home to SA, Thanks everyone for a great event. – B. Catt. Hyundai Excel

Awesome event, a great weekend, thanks to all officials and Graham for putting it on. – R. Bos. Volvo 240

…set a new benchmark in historic rallies. – G Thompson. Renault Clio

A gallery of members pics from some of the great tours…



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