Ouyen is ready for the Tour of the 81 Derrick…

Phase 2 of Ouyen’s Solar Farm project is delayed. But, the Victoria Hotel now has space for the Tour of the 1981 George Derrick!

Book your accommodation now.

Update from the Director

During my first survey of the original ’81 GDMT route some 12 months ago, I was the only Friday night guest at the grand and rustic Victoria Hotel in Ouyen, occupying one of the 50 rooms.

At the time I booked the dining room and made the hotel aware that that they would have lots of guests in October this year.

Over the past 9 months or so, construction of a 500 hectare solar farm, just north of Ouyen has been taking place with the hotel accommodating significant numbers of skilled workers and backpackers.

I was initially assured that the project would be complete before October but in recent weeks there was talk of phase 2 starting, on the other side of the highway. After a worrying little period I have finally been able to confirm that phase 2 is on hold and that there should be ample rooms available on 26 October.

So, I strongly recommend that if you are intending being a part of the Tour of the 1981 George Derrick Memorial Trial that you book your accommodation at the Victoria Hotel in Ouyen ASAP.

It would be good to do this also to give  the hotel owners confidence that you are real and their continued support will pay off.

And whilst at it, also book the Murrayville Hotel, assuming you wish to stay there for the Sunday evening.

Make it clear when booking that you at part of the tour.

Hotel details are in the Information Document on the Tour page.

Geoff Byron