Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class 2020 Bulletin 1

Hi all…

I have an SCC Calendar for 2020.

Allthough final DELWP approvals are pending I am reliabably told dates will not change. Should changes take place we will let you know asap.

We have 9 Rally events to choose from and as in the past you will need to compete in 6 to be eligible for end year awards. We have 5 Avalon Autocross dates and you will need to compete in 2 to be eligible for end year awards. If Autocross event cancellations occur we may consider other options…lets see how the year unfolds.

2020 SCC Rallies

22/2 George Woods Rally Regularity Rally HRA
28/3 Wellsford Wander Regularity Rally HRA
2/5 Victoria Cross Regularity Rally HRA
23/5 Marysville Stages Regularity Rally FFCC
4/7 Rich River Revival Regularity Rally HRA
28/9 Tour of Gippsland Road Rally /Regularity Rally HRA
3/10 Steve Richards Memorial Regularity Rally MMSC
26/10 Bagshot Rallysprint HRA
28/11 Dan Murphy Memorial Regularity Rally MMSC

2020 SCC Autocross

19/4 Avalon
21/6 Avalon
16/8 Avalon
18/10 Avalon
15/11 Avalon

2020 Apparel regulations re FHR negotiations are ongoing but we believe we will have an answer from Motorsport Australia soon.

One thing we believe will be announced with no negotiation is that we will all require to upgrade to Clubman Rally licences in 2020. If you do not have this level of licence you will not be able to compete in any of the rallies listed above. Upgrade can be done via the Motorsport Australia website and you will need to complete an online test.

As you all saw there was a Safety Equipment survey attached to the score sheet I sent out last week. We range from full FIA equipment level down to original seats and lap/sash.

I implore you to consider the safety equipment level in your vehicle and upgrade as soon as possible. Allthough the new upcoming Regularity Rally Regulations will restrict vehicle speeds it is in you and your navigators best interest to have as much protection as possible.

We have rewritten the SCC Rules and Regulations… my thanks to Bruce Keys for his assistance. Not a lot has changed however what we have is a more formal version of what I wrote in 2014.

See the Rules and Regulations section on this website for the updated Standrad Car Class Regulations

Wishing you all a great Christmas (Santa might bring you Safety gear..!) and a great 2020.

Any questions re the above…please call me on 0414 560 688

Rob Cranston