George Woods kicks off the HRA Rally year

The George Woods Introductory Trial kicks off the HRA Rally year on Saturday Febraury 22nd.  There will be a training night on Thursday February 6th.

Not just for new competitors, Officials are also invited to take a step up.

It’s 40 years since the first George Woods Introductory Trial was conducted,
surely some sort of record. As in the past, this is a perfect chance to be introduced to the sport of rallying where you can enjoy a training night and the support of everyone out in the forest. That applies not only to competitors, but to officials too.

Volunteering as an official is immensely rewarding and one gets to see what goes on in the background and generally ‘be involved’. So much better than being a spectator!

So this is a chance for our wonderful volunteer officials to try moving up one step. What do we mean? Well, if you’ve only ever done a road closure, put up your had to be on a start or finish control. If you have been on a control, put up your hand to be a stage commander.

Speak to any HRA committee member.

On that note, we are pleased to announce that Mitch Garrad has put up his hand to be the trainee Clerk of Course for this year’s George Woods. Now all we need to do is support this new young event director with entries and volunteering to assist.

We are also looking for an EQUIPMENT OFFICER – do you have a Ute and a towbar?  Please consider helping in this VITAL role.

The date is Saturday, February 22. As with last year, the plan is to run the event in the daylight and at night, meaning set up is in full daylight and the finish will be much earlier than a night only event.

A training night for competitors on February 6 will will cover navigation, control procedure, car preparation and safety. This is at Motorsport Australia, 275 Canterbury Road, Canterbury.

If you feel like being an official, please call Glad Fish and leave your contact details: Tel 0410 148 058.

Banner: David Thorpe and Andrew Thorpe, winners of the 2019 George Woods. John Doutch pic.