April Bulletin – Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class 2020

Hi all.

Well…that was not exactly what we had planned for the years events for the Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class..!

We should have had 2 events and an Autocross last weekend…which were all cancelled..!

We will get back to normality at some point in the year.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been working on my car making changes to accommodate Hans storage.

This isolation thing has given me time to think about our Class.

We have 220 Members on our Facebook Group group, some of whom will hopefully be SCC competitors some day. Most of the people competing currently are on the Facebook Group.

What about the rest of you..? There are some on this email list who are registered but not competing.

Is there some way we can help you to realise competition in our Class ?

I’m thinking a weekend seminar for current and potential SCC competitors.,..probably 4 hours or so on a Saturday followed by a BBQ.

Would be held at a Melbourne workshop where current competing cars could be viewed and short lectures given on SCC and Motorsport Australia rules, navigation and car preparation.

John Rawson at Tayell Automotive has kindly donated time at his Bentleigh Workshop for our get-together.

We may even have a Navigational Street Rally after dinner…stay tuned..!

Give me your feedback please, particularly those of you who are not competing and would like to do so.

Rob Cranston