Facemask fashion by HRA

UPDATE: Masks ready for delivery… order now!

Thanks to all who responded to the Facebook survey on HRA Masks. Your response justified an order to be placed.

You now need to covert your response to the survey into an order, as per the notes below.

Stocks have arrived so we are ready to go. Please email your order now.

Reprinted from the HRA Update:

The HRA has you covered when you venture out!

The HRA has placed an order for some triple layer, washable facemasks.

They will be the HRA green with a white “HRA rally plate” logo on one side. They are made in Melbourne by Engage Athletics. (website: www.engageathletic.com.au)

If you would like one or two, or if you have indicated you want some via the facebook announcement, please read below.

They cost $25.00 each plus $2.50 postage per order to you. We expect to receive the facemasks around August 19.

They will be posted to you after that, on receipt of payment which can ONLY be done by bank transfer (No Cash, no pick up.)

Email orders to: treasurer@hra.org.au

Include these details:

  • Name
  • Mobile Phone #
  • Number of masks @ 25.00 each
  • Address for delivery by post

Delivery fee: $2.50 per order by post only. Payment is by EFT only. In the reference field, please use ONLY the words ‘MASK” followed by your “SURNAME” e.g. “Mask Smith”.

Historic Rally Association BSB 033 050 Account 143 422