Rally Retro Festival kicks off the year in style and yes, your help is essential.

Saturday February 27 2021   Public from 10 am.  Officials as advised.

Venue: METEC  112 Colchester Road, Bayswater North.  

Yes, it’s on again! Rally enthusiasts will once again have the chance to see and hear some of Australia’s most famous and important rally cars at the end of February, at the highly successful Rally Retro Festival. Now in its third year, it attracts not only famous rally cars but the people that made them famous.

Officials urgently needed.  Of course, none of this happens without an army of HRA members helping out, both on Friday for set-up and on Saturday.  Our officials co-ordinator has been in touch with last year’s officials.  If you can help us, please let Col Hardinge know ASAP: there is a lot of work to set this all up.

Contact Col on Tel: 0419 104 955   or e-mail: chardinge@ozemail.com.au

Display cars are invited by the organisers, hoping to seek out genuine championship winning cars, ex-works cars and cars in tribute livery, depicted a famous or iconic rally car of the past.

One of the more pleasing spin offs from the first 2 rally retro’s is the number of such cars now being restored with rally retro (and other events, of course) in mind.  There’s nothing like a target date to get a project cracking along. That in part, was the hope of the organisers in 2019.  

Indeed, there are likely to be a number of new, restored, significant rally cars making a debut at this year’s Rally Retro. On track to be there is the very car that won the 1971 Victorian Championship.  If, that’s not enough, how about a Ford RS200 Evolution?  Yes, 1 of only 24 made is in going order and planning to attend.  There will be other cars from the 1979 Repco and we hope to have again, some original 1968 London-Sydney Marathon cars. Still others are putting their classic rally cars into clothing of the era, with tribute livery from the day.

Rally Retro is a unique style of car show where fans have the chance to see the rally cars in action on the adjacent  demonstration course, as well as seeing them on display. They are able to mingle with the owners, many of them State or National rally champions and see the cars up close.   

In 2020 the hospitality tent (cheekily renamed from ‘the bird cage’ to  ‘the roll cage’) was packed with past champions of the sport including 10 National Champions with 24 titles and 50 years between them. This year it will necessarily be a more spread out affair, but the calibre of the talent will be no less in evidence.