SCC Bulletin 21/1 – March 2021

Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class Bulletin

Hi all.

Welcome to another year of competition in the Standard Car Class. Hopefully better than last year and we are now at last years point..! One Rally down…George Woods..!

Big thank you to the team who brought us only the second Rally Regularity Event.

I believe results are now official..! We started 12 cars on a hot and muggy Saturday night. Congratulations to the following Class placings:

Class A
1st John Moore / Edward Nicholas

Class B
1st Michael O’Brien / Scott Liggins
2nd Keith Winter / Brian Knights
3rd Rob Cranston / Russ Day

Class C
1st Rob Dyer / Richard Davies
2nd Nick Luxton / Jonathan Edwards
3rd Rob Sanderson / Chris Sanderson

I have had to make a change to the 2021 Calendar as we have been told that Reliability Events cannot run with VCRS and VRC in the one event. This was actually in our rules but representations were being made to Motorsport Australia to let us run… this did not happen. A shame, as Marysville is a great rally area.

So… 2021
20/2 George Woods
1/5 Victoria Cross
22/5 Experts Trial
19/6 Cobb and Co (Qld)
17/7 Moonlight Meander and Dan Murphy
30/7 & I/8 Swan Hill Tour
11/9 Welsford Wander
2/10 Steve Richards Memorial
23/10 Bagshot Rallysprint

Nine Rallies…Six to qualify for year end awards.

There are a couple of breaks in the schedule to slot in Autocross / Khanacross events.

21/3 Avalon
18/4 Avalon
20/6 Avalon (If you are not going to Queensland)
14/8 Parwan
16/10 Parwan
21/11 Avalon (VCAS round)

Six Autocross…three to qualify for the combined Rally and Autocross end on year awards.

Fingers crossed it all goes ahead..!
Rob C.