Australian Rally Champions line up for the Victoria Cross.

David and Kate Officer, the 1984 Australian Rally Champions, will be putting their Mitsubishii Galant to the test against some of Victoria’s established rally teams, and some fast emerging club championship contenders this Saturday May 1 in the Mt. Disappontment forest.

Their competition includes Nicholas Charrett, Kim Harper…

Justin Lange, Peter Schey and Phil Thomas in Ford Escorts.Then there is a swag of Nissan/Datsuns driven by Roy Brock, Matt de Vaus, David Lawrance, Keith Lewis, Brian Semmens, Darryn Snooks and with Steuart Snooks dusting off the driving gloves after many years in the left side seat.

If they don’t overcome the champion pairing, then the more modern Subarus of Brett Mackieson, Shannon Seabrook and Rick Thorpe may have the edge, in traction at least.Commodores of the highly experienced Keith Cuttle and Murray Rogers will have more power, but more wheels spin to cope with too.

Don’t discount the Front wheel drive chargers either, the Excels, the VW,Golf, the Honda and a pair of Toyotas.

They will have to pedal that Galant hard! What a line-up for the first night time rally this year in the Victorian Club Rally Series!

If you want to be part of this and witness the talent on show, put your name forward to help out as an official. Even if you are only available for the afternoon and need to be back in Melbourne for dinner, your assistance is needed. Contact Joel Wald at or 0412 352 252.

(Photo David Officer/Kate Officer by John Doutch, BTeam rally media)