Down the Drains – 12 September

  • The 2021 version of “Down the Drain” Touring Assembly is scheduled for Sunday 12th September.

Supp Regs are now approved and published:

This event which will be a round of the 2021 Resto Country Spares HRA Standard Car Class.

This year’s event is a little different to previous events.

We are using the Pakenham Auto Club facilities in Keys Lane, Pakenham for the Start, Lunch Break and Finish.

No special car preparations are required although some form of compass is necessary and a trip meter is of value. All roads are easily passable by any normal passenger car.

Due to Covid distancing requirements: Could competitors please lodge copies of Motorsport Australia Licence (where applicable), Club Membership, Civil Licence and evidence that competing vehicle may be legally driven prior to the event by e-mail to

The event is in two Sections:

Section 1 – The Novice Section:

Starting at 10.00am for the first car and finishing at 12.00pm. Relatively simple navigation, all Via Points are marked and numbered on the supplied maps. Remember we don’t want to get you lost, only to miss the occasional Via Point. We do however recommend a magnifying glass.

Lunch Break:

There will be approximately a 2 hour break between Sections 1 and 2.

This will enable those who are competing in both Section 1 and Section 2 to have a break, enjoy the barbeque and plot Section 2.

Section 2 – The Experts Section:

This is a longer more difficult section. It uses largely 1931 maps (some a little older) and will test even the most experienced competitors. However, again, we do not want you to get lost so we hope to take the occasional points off you on the way through. First car starts at 2.00 pm and is due to finish at 4.30 pm. To ease your plotting on this section all Vias have been circled however you will still have to check the point and make sure you have everything correct.

Photo: Bob Watson/Kaye Kilsby on an earlier Down the Drains event.