Next Rally Retro Festival in 2023

The 2021 Rally Retro Festival in February was a cracker despite Covid restrictions.

The HRA plans to run the next Rally Retro Festival on the last Saturday in February 2023. The year gap is partly because that was always the plan (to run every second year) and partly because organizing for a February 2022 event has been severely restricted throughout this year.

Rest assured though, that plans and improvements have been discussed and we really look forward to making the 2023 event the best one yet. Revisions to the track and the display area and Rally Alley are all in the offing.

In some ways we have been victims of our own success with room for public parking being at a premium the last 2 years. We are considering our options allow more visitors access to the event.

The event has really struck a rich vein of rally enthusiasm with the format of display and action in a compact venue and of course, so many brilliant, historic and significant rally cars taking part.