The Great Alpine Contest is now a book

cover of The Great Alpine Contest

The history of the Australian Alpine Rally 1921-2021

You cannot drive it this year but you can read about it in this new 250 page book just now available.

Written by Bob Watson with contributions from many that are currently HRA members, it is a wonderful tribute to 100 years of this uniquely Victoria event.  It details the rally (or trial) from its beginnings in 1921 as a promotional  tool for the Victorian Alpine region, the early competitors and the tortuous route right up the its place as a premier Australian championship rally event and now, an exciting and oversubscribed event for historic rally cars.  There is so much detail, side notes and stories in this book about the world’s second oldest car rally that no enthusiast’s bookshelf should be without it. 

You may have heard that each Alpine Rally crew member will each receive a book each in their competitor pack at its next running, and that’s true. The HRA has purchased and put aside enough copies for that. 

The HRA also has secured a limited number of additional copies that club members can buy.  Potential competitors are welcome to buy them too, but there will be another copy for you in your competitor pack if you successfully enter the next Alpine Rally of East Gippsland.

Each book is $35 plus $10 for postage.  (i.e.: $45 per book, posted.  2 books $90 posted.)

How to get one:

  1. Send an e-mail to our Treasurer Kerril Maloney  with the following details:
    Your name
    HRA membership number
    Postal Address
    Telephone number (in case we need to check something)
    Number of books

  2. Make a direct deposit to the HRA bank account with the reference YOUR SURNAME and GAC
    For example: TURNERGAC   (this is VERY important)
    BSB: 033050 Account Number: 143422

Once we match your e-mail to a payment, your Great Alpine Contest book will be posted to you.

Should you miss out, they are also available from Bob Watson directly from his website ( or from the Rallysport Magazine shop (

In the future, they will be available at a club meeting for purchase (if not sold out) which will save you the postage fee (but not the fuel to get to the meeting).  That might be December or February. But who knows. 

Don’t delay. Order yours by email today.