What’s coming up… the post-lockdown HRA calendar

As Victoria re-opens after lockdown, so does the HRA Calendar. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up.

Planned for what’s left of 2021

Sunday Rally Garage, Sunday 14 November

A social event, featuring a classic HRA Peter Fraser BBQ with a gold coin donation, with soft drinks and salads provided by hosts ProRally. More info on the Sunday Rally Garage page

SCC Autocross at MMSC – Saturday 20 November

The Saturday Autocross, which is part of the MMSC’s Melbourne Motorsport Weekend, is a round of the 2021 HRA Standard Car Class Championship. More info on the SCC’s announcement.

Down the Drains Touring Assembly – Sunday 28 November

Suitable for all comers – no special car prep needed and navigation for all capabilities. It’s also a round of the 2021 HRA Standard Car Class Championship. More info and regs on the Down the Drains page.

Gippsland Rally – Saturday 4 December

It’s both a VRC and VCRS round and is based out of Heyfield. They’re seeking both entries and officials – more info at the Gippsland Rally website

HRA Club Meeting – Wednesday 8 December

The Committee is intending to hold a “proper” meeting for December, if this can by organised under COVID density limits with the venue. Regardless, we’ll have a HRA Club Meeting at 8:00 pm on this date – watch the website, HRA Update and the email group for updates later in November.

Planned for 2022

While we’re awaiting the release of the Vic Rally Calendar for confirmation of some of these, plans for the early part of 2022 include:

  • There may be a RallySprint or Speed event in the back half of January, if it can be organised.
  • The first Club Meeting for 2022 is scheduled for Wednesday 9 February. That should be a regular meeting by then, but watch club comms channels for more information.
  • The Cobb and Co Explorer Rally will be held in the Darling Downs region of Queensland on 12 & 13 February.
  • The George Woods Rally is planned for Saturday 26 February
  • The Swan Hill Tour is on 12 & 13 March

These are the “known knowns” at this stage… We’ll confirm some of these events once the Vic Calendar is published and add events as plans for 2022 continue.

Page banner: SCC teams lined up at an autocross – way back in 2019!