The Cobb and Co Explorer

Cobb and Co Explorer postponed

Due to the months of wet weather and flooding on the Darling Downs, it has been decided that the Cobb and Co Explorer Road Rally will be postponed.

The new tentative date is the 17th and 18th of September 2022.

This action was taken so as to not cause road damage to both the shire and forestry roads. They are black soil and volcanic red soil and not only would they be damaged they would likely be impassable now let alone after a few cars had passed. I have been stuck in black soil and it is almost impossible to negotiate.

I shall send more information as it comes to hand.

Laurie Garth

The Cobb And Co Explorer 2 Day Road Rally and Tour.

The Historic Rally Association is conducting a new style event for Queensland in September, 2022. The event will start in Oakey, just 30 km from Toowoomba on both days and conveniently, it is also the overnight stop.

The Cobb And Co Explorer is a two day, 800 kilometre, untimed map reading navigation road event with timed closed road sections. It is an ideal event for a newcomer wanting to try their hand at motor sport or someone who remembers the good old days and still wants to be involved in rallying.

The untimed navigation sections are like the old style navigation rallies using the shire roads of the darling downs with simple mapping. There are also some timed closed road sections. The closed road sections will be “Rally Regularity” sections using closed forest roads or Khanacross sections on private property.

The new Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) category of “Rally Regularity” sections has relaxed the requirements and is a perfect entry level format to get started rallying.

What will you need?

The navigation section requirements are ‘run what ya brung.’ A road going car all you’ll need for that. But the simplified requirements for the “Rally Regularity” are:

  • A registered car (or permit to drive)
  • Clothing covering from neck to wrist to ankle. (Driving suits not required.)
  • A helmet. (HANS device not required)
  • The usual reflective triangle’s, a fire extinguisher , a first aid kit etc.
  • The car does not require Roll Over Protection.

The timing for the closed road sections is set at a maximum average of 70 km/h and there are restrictions to a top speed of 110 kilometres an hour, Chicanes or passage controls may be used to achieve this restriction.

Scoring on the Closed Road “Rally Regularity” Sections:

There is a penalty of 1 point per second late or 5 points per second early.

To equalise the scoring, each section both navigation and Closed Road Sections will be scored as usual. Then 30 points will be awarded to the 1st in every section down to one point for the 30th and below. The scores will be totalled and the crew with the most points will be the winners.

A Motorsport Australia speed licence can be arranged for people wanting to enter the rally, if needed.

It’s a TOUR as well – your choice.

In conjunction with the Road Rally, the HRA is running a “Tour”. This is a social touring assembly type event following the route of the rally but not competing in the Rally Regularity Sections. Alternatively, you can select the watered down tour that uses a lot more sealed roads to get to the same places.

The Tour does not require a Motorsport Australia licence, only membership of a Motorsport Australia affiliated club. You can choose to enter both days of the tour or only the Saturday or the Sunday parts. The choice is yours.

The supplementary regulations have been approved and are being finalised and will be available in a few days.

Laurie Garth
0434 886 283