Eight round HRA Rally Championship announced!

The HRA Rally Championship year is about to commence.

The HRA committee has decided that 8 rounds will be contested in the 2022 HRA Rally Championship, with the best 5 scores to be counted. Of the 8 rounds in the championship, please note that the George Woods Rally this Saturday is round 1 of the HRA Rally Championship.

The events making up the 8 rounds of the championship will be:

  • 26 Feb George Woods Rally
  • 5 Mar Mitta mountain Rally VCRS
  • 26 Mar Ada River rally VCRS
  • 7 May Marysville Stages VCRS
  • 28 May Moonlight Meander VCRS
  • 18 Jun Nissan Nightmoves VCRS
  • 24 Sep Valley Stages VCRS
  • 5 Nov Victoria Cross VCRS

If any event does not run, another may be put in its place to retain the maximum 8 rounds.

Round 1 is the only round for the year where both HRA Rally championship points and Standard Car Class points will be awarded for the one event.

The Standard Car Class is separate from the HRA Rally Championship and has its own calendar of events, such as the Swan Hill Autocross Tour in March 12-13 and the Cobb and Co 2 day explorer September 17-18.


To drop more than one round for a championship of 5 rounds or more required a club championship rule change which was approved by the new HRA committee at its meeting on February 24. These rules were last revised in 2005.  An amended set of club championship rules will be published on the website very soon.