Resto Country Spares Standard Car Class Update – June 2022

Competition Report and Scores after 6 rounds

We’ve had two Regularity Rally events recently.

First was the Camcrusher run by FFCC in conjunction with the Marysville Stages – a Victorian Rally Championship (VRC) round and a Victorian Club Rally Series (VCRS) round: a mighty effort by John Roberts and his very capable team. The parking and service areas were almost full to capacity at Gallipoli Park, possibly the most picturesque area anywhere for rally service.

If you weren’t there, you might be interested to know it was foggy, cold and not a little damp. The Mercury did not get above 8 degrees all day. 6 stages where scheduled with the first 3 conducted by route chart in the daylight of the late afternoon with a watery sun and low hanging cloud. The last 3 being after a break were found by mapping, albeit with pretty simple instructions. Still though, plenty for the co-drivers to do with navigating by the map and keep the car travelling within the regularity limits. One stage was lost when cancelled due to heavy fog descending making visibility almost zero in places.

Good roads and good instructions were the order of the afternoon, with the start, service and finish all at Gallipoli Park with its excellent facilities. The food van was even still there at the end.

As for results, we had crews in Class B and Class C only.

Class B

1st Michael O’Brien and Scott Liggins
2nd James Pickard and Jetson Cairns
3rd Rob Cranston and Martin Warneke
4th Laurie Pelech and Russ Day
5th Graham Wallis and Richard Davies
An unfortunate DNF for Craig Chenoweth

Class C

1st Peter and Matthew Canals
2nd Rob Dyer and Gerry Bashford
3rd Tony Ahearne and Mark Judkins
An unfortunate DNF for Rob Sanderson

May 28 was the Dan Murphy Memorial Regularity Rally, run alongside the Moonlight Meander which was a round of the VCRS. No VRC crews at this one crowding out the service park. Thank-you to everyone that came out to play, in memory of our great rally friend and a Standard Car Class competitor.

The Dan Murphy was in the Wombat State forest which offers a mix of road conditions and all pretty close to Melbourne too. Like the Camcrusher, we lost a stage from what was originally planned, this time due to a VCRS car off the road.

Once again, just the 2 classes contested.

Class B:

1st Michael O’Brien and Scott Liggins
2nd Keith Winter and Peter Maurer
3rd Graham Wallis and Martin Warneke
4th Craig Chenoweth and Richard Smyth
5th Rob Cranston and Kim Begelhole
6th James Pickard and Derek Pickard

Class C

1st Peter and Matthew Canals

The next event for SCC cars and crews is the Experts Trial Re-visited on July 23rd, in the Heathcote area. Again, pretty close the Melbourne. Entries are open now. It is a Self Scrutiny event but you will need to get your Log Card signed by Scrutineer Richard Elphick on the day of the event.

Championship scores after 6 rounds

Class B (Top 5)

Michael Obrien 375
James Pickard 316
Keith Winter 210
Rob Cranston 185
Laurie Pelech 170

Class C (Top 5)

Peter Canals 585
Alan Upton 375
Graham Wallis 250
Rob Dyer 225
Tony Ahearne 105