Competition Report: Moonlight Meander and Dan Murphy Memorial, 28 May 2022

The Moonlight Meander was round 4 of the VCRS and unfortunately the club’s worst result this year.

The highest finisher was Tony Robinson co-driving to first place but nominated NCCA as his club. Next was Andrew Daniell who co-drove for Rowan Woolllard in second place then Murray Rogers came 8th in his Holden Jackaroo but nominated BLCC for his club. Michael Trucano/Heli Thaw finished 10th but were nominated as NECC. Steuart Snooks co-drove to 12th place and Braedon and Emma Kendrick were 14th. After a fair off road excursion by a CCRMIT crew on stage 2 many crews were given an allocated time for the stage. I’m happy to report that, although the car looked pretty messy, both crew members are fine and undamaged.

Kim Harper/Gerry Bashford (co-driver unwell), Rohan Quill (gearbox) and Joel Wald/Chris Ellis (diff) were among the DNFs and Adrian Stratford/Kain Manning ran in an Excel with a time that would have given them 5th place if they were eligible.

Disappointingly, we are now 289 points behind NCCA in the club point score so we need a much better turnout and result in coming rounds to have any chance of regaining the Club title.

The Dan Murphy Memorial Trial was the regularity event tagged to the Meander and pleasingly for the new category there were 12 crews who ran and it was good to see crews from other clubs supporting the event. Regularity rallies are not just for our Standard Car Class vehicles. Michael O’Brien/Scott Liggins were 1st in their Volvo followed by Keith Winter/Peter Maurer in a Skyline after my son Matthew and I made a rookie mistake of not writing an information on our road card, which dropped us down to 10th. Graham Wallis/Martin Warneke came 3rd and Doug Norman/Richard Smyth were 4th, both crews in RWD Peugeots. Again the regularity event had a good finishing record with NO DNFs.

Thanks must go to the organisers of the event who did a magnificent job after they had the route revised twice in the week preceding, after DELWP and Parks Victoria changed their minds on allowing the use of certain roads and then the crash on stage 2 requiring the reroute of the Regularity event around the cancelled stage.

Peter Canals