Experts Results and Awards announced

Results now final, trophy engraving pens are poised…

The results of the Experts Trial re-visited Navigational tour are now final and are available on the Experts Re-visited page.

Awards will be presented at the next HRA Club meeting, Wednesday August 10, at the Matthew Flinders Hotel, 667 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone. We meet in the Longitude Room. The meeting starts 8pm.

Congratulations to everyone who had a go at the toughest navigational event on the calendar. It was of a level worthy of the Experts legacy, an event first run in 1947. There are rough plans to run another in 2024.

The following “Experts” will receive awards at the HRA meeting.


1st Kim Harper/Steuart Snooks 70 (Ford Escort)
2nd Michael Ward/David McKenzie 84 (Toyota Corolla)
3rd John Rawson/Ashley McBain 143 (Nissan Stanza)

Navigator first in grade

A Steuart Snooks
B Ashley McBain
C Phil Gallagher

Class Awards

1st H81 John Rawson/Ashley McBain 143 (Nissan Stanza)
1st P81  Michael Ward / David McKenzie (Toyota Corolla)
1st SCC Laurie Pelech/Russ Day 288 (Toyota Tercel)
2nd SCC Bob Watson/Gerry Bashford 385 (Renault 16TS)
3rd SCC Geoff Ninnes/Rob Wilson 415 (Mazda 323)
Road Car Taylah Murphy/Mitch Garrad 178 (Nissan Navara)

Directors Award

John Ellis/Chris Ellis