Supp Regs available for the 2022 Victoria Cross Rally


Date: 5 November 2022
Time: 5pm- 3am
Venue: State Motorcycle Complex, Broadford and Mt Disappointment State Forest
Organiser: Historic Rally Association Inc.

The Victoria Cross Rally will comprise two events to be held on the evening of Saturday 5 November.

A Special Stage rally will be the 7th and final round of the 2022 VCRS and a Regularity Rally will be a round of the HRA Standard Car Class series.

The start, service break and finish will be at the State Motorcycle Complex, Broadford. The course will comprise a total of 117km of competition over 5 special stages, each run twice, and 154km liaison. The event will be fully route charted and all competition will be at night – the high rate of public use of the forest makes daylight running impractical. The first car will leave the start at 7:45 pm and finish at around 1:00 am.

While we have used the best available roads in the forest, not all are “rally highways”. Of the five stages, three will predominantly be excellent roads. The other two stages will use lesser roads, including unmade tracks with an uneven surface.

If the field limit isn’t filled by VCRS and Regularity competitors, the Special Stage Rally will also be open to Grade A competitors – an opportunity for a run before the Alpine. Grade A competitors won’t be eligible for any event awards or VCRS placings or points.

The Regularity is not restricted to HRA Standard Car Class competitors and is an excellent opportunity for beginners to try a rally style event, as rollover protection and a HANS style device aren’t compulsory.

Being so close to Melbourne is a bonus. So put the Victoria Cross Rally in your diary now.

Any questions should be directed to the Clerk of Course, David McKenzie, at

Supplementary Regulations and more information is available on the Victoria Cross 2022 page.