Final 2022 Championship Scores now available

Final scores in the HRA Rally and Touring Championships are now available on the 2022 HRA Championship Scores page.

The Club Scorer has provided these notes in relation to the scores…

There will not be awards for the 2022 Touring Championship as there were insufficient events run. The only way to improve this situation is to run more touring events, maybe publishing scores will encourage people to run suitable events or to suggest events run by other clubs that could be included.

The Masters scores include people I guess to be over 55 (at the start of 2022) – apologies if I’ve over- or under-estimated your age. Let me know and I’ll make the necessary changes.

Similarly, the car class allocation contains a certain amount of assumption on my part. I placed cars in what I felt were appropriate classes, but I’m no expert, so please let me know if your car is too old/young or too highly/insufficiently modified for the class I’ve placed it in.

We need this all sorted in time to engrave trophies for the annual presentations.

There’s a class going begging, bring out your H81 vehicle next year and you are almost certain to win the category! Also next year, the R25 category will be split in two—2WD and 4WD—check out the definitions for all categories on the Club Championship Rules page. I’m no expert on anything non-Peugeot, so let me know which category your car fits. Email me, Nick Wright, at

One final point, looking at the crews at and close to the top of the P81 and R25 category scores, I wonder if we should do away with the Masters category and introduce a Non-Historic (Pre-Historic?) Crew category for the under-55s! Or we could keep the Masters and set the age for Non/Pre-Historic Crew at 40 to encourage younger crews—who we need to keep the HRA going for another 30 years.

Your thoughts please…

Nick Wright