Grand Autocross Tour information guide

Competitor information guide

Grand Autocross Tour information guide is now available. Let me know if you need to know more about anything. One question I have received is do navigators need helmets, the answer is yes as we are running Closed Road Sections in the main and the navigator needs to be in the car.

Competitors information Guide (pdf)

Graham Wallis
Clerk of Course

Announcing Rally Retro Day…

So much more than a display of old rally cars, Rally Retro Day will be our starter-motor piece to find a ‘event home’ for important and iconic Rally Cars from the Australian Rally Scene. These rally cars (and perhaps well executed replica’s and tribute cars) need to be seen and to be heard, in action, on the dirt for which they were made. It’s our intention to kick off what we hope will be a series of special events for very special rally cars.
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An update on The Shortest Day Tour of the Dandenongs

The course check for the Tour of the Dandenongs was completed last week with Checker Mike Novak being chauffeured by Tom Latta with Simon Brown observing from the back seat. Peter Fraser still on convalescence leave recovering from a recent ankle opp – an old football injury he says. Continue reading An update on The Shortest Day Tour of the Dandenongs