Stick Map Definitions

The grapevine suggests that the Organisers of the Experts Trial Re-Visited may be presenting navigators with Strip Charts or Stick Maps to define the route. Stick charts are interesting navigational tests and a nice diversion from plotting and scaling. And, they're straightforward - once you understand the rules. This document will help: Strip Chart & … Continue reading Stick Map Definitions

Wes Nalder’s talk at the June HRA meeting

Wes Nalder, is well known to car rally enthusiasts in Victoria for his involvement in the second London to Sydney Rally (in a Corolla), the Repco Round Australia (RA40 Celica) as well as two Himalayan Rallies (RA40 and RA65). We were lucky to have him as guest speaker at the HRA meeting on 13 June … Continue reading Wes Nalder’s talk at the June HRA meeting