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HRA News archives

Browse old issues of the HRA’s flagship publication, HRA News.

The HRA News archive is a work-in-progress, starting with our most recent issues and going back as far as we can… please be patient as we repair and add old issues.

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Previous years’ pages

You can see pages from previous years that were published on this version of the HRA website using the links below. For pre 2018, use the archive snapshots below.

2020 HRA Committee
2020 Events
2019 HRA Committee
2019 Events
2018 HRA Committee
2018 Events

The HRA website archive

Thanks to the wonder of the “Wayback Machine” we can see snapshots of hra.org.au back to 2004.

Note: loading can be a little slow and some of the links won’t work.

HRA website archive

The Alpine Rally website archive

Snapshots of alpinerally.org.au, Alpine Rally websites, going back to 2007.

As above – loading can be slow and links may not work – particularly doc and image links.

Alpine Rally web archive